NAVA NALANDA is a co-educational school with Nursery, Primary & Secondary sections, conducted in the medium of English and committed to a national legacy, as embodied in its name. It launched its career on February 1st, 1967 at No.25, Southern Avenue, Kolkata – 700 026 under the initiative of a team of enthusiastic organizers and devoted teachers. The Managing Committee, at the time of its inception, included the Chairman Sri A. C. Dasgupta, Secretary, Steel Re-rolling Mills’ Associations of India; the Secretary & Rector Sri Arya Mitra; the Headmistress Sm. Bharati Mitra; Sm. Geeta Dasgupta, teacher, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School’ Sm. Geeta Ghosh, Headmistress, Kamala Girls’ High School; Dr. Supriyo Roy, Prof. In Geology, Jadavpur University; and the Late Rathindra M. Mitra of East India Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. Among the Patrons were, the Late D. N. Sinha, Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court; the Late A. K. Mukherjee, Judge, Calcutta High Court; and the Lady Pratima Mitter.


The school started with Nursery – I, Nursery – II, Preparatory Class & classes I, II, III, IV & V, covering the age groups from 3+ to 10+, with the scheme of gradual upgradation by adding one class on the higher side every year. In this process, the school was duly elevated upto Class X by 1972. In 1974 the secondary section of the school was recognised by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, and in the same year the first batch of 7 students appeared at the school final examination of the Board. In 1976, the school shifted over to the Madhyamik syllabus of the Board, and since then it had been a study of continuous success and regular increase in the number of “stars” and first division candidates, including some high rankings in the Madhyamik Examination, without any failure. The outstanding results including those of Amitesh Maiti of the 1980-batch, Indranil Mukherjee of the 1984-batch and Sudipto Kundu of the 1991-batch, who stood 4th, 11th & 6th respectively, in the Madhyamik Examination, and Anup Kumar Ghosh of the 1990-batch who scored nearabout 90% marks in the same examination. These attainments have evoked the guardians’ confidence on the school, as a result of which, starting with 25 students and 8 teachers n the opening day, the school-register at this moment recorded approximately 4800 students and 200 teachers. More academic excellence followed with Rajesh Bhattacharya in 1993, Arijit Roychowdhury in 1995, Toya Chatterjee in 2002, Tamoghno Biswas in 2005, Oendrila Bhattacharya in 2013 becoming rank-holders in Madhyamik examinations while Tamoghno Biswas in 2007, Prithwish Chakraborty in 2011, Sumit Kr. Kar in 2013 finding among the rank-holders’ list in the Higher Secondary examinations. Meanwhile, the school was upgraded to a Higher Secondary school having the sanction from the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education in 2004 with its first batch passing out in 2006.

The accommodation problem has led the school authorities to decentralize the school into three different sections, namely, the Nursery, the Primary, Secondary and the higher Secondary sections, operating in different rented buildings in the same locality, presently accommodated in school-owned buildings.

From July 1991 another branch has been opened in Santiniketan, which is now running from Nursery to Higher Secondary classes.

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Nava Nalanda is a co-educational institution in South Kolkata, India, affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary

Nava Nalanda is a co-educational institution in South Kolkata, India, affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary

Nava Nalanda is a co-educational institution in South Kolkata, India, affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary